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The Importance of Emotional and Psychological Support

At MMW, our motto is “No One Fights Alone”. This is especially true when it comes to emotional and psychological support. There is more to fighting a cancer battle than doctors and treatments. A strong healthy state of mind can have a tremendous impact on the patient and caregiver. Depending on the situation, spiritual support or private counseling can have a significant outcome in the ability to manage all of the challenges that can arise at this time.

Trying to suppress or ignore the fears and anxiety of battling cancer is unhealthy and can be counterproductive during treatment. Staying focused and engaged in what is going on during treatment helps to manage stress and allow for more positive outcomes. Worry and stress requires a huge amount of energy which is better used in developing a daily plan of health and wellbeing that in turn creates a healthy environment for the treatments and recovery to happen. Consider connecting with professional therapy, yoga, prayer groups or patient support services at your cancer care facility.

In general, staying positive and maintaining a healthy daily routine will give a sense of empowerment at a time when it is easy to feel out of control. There are a lot of things that a patient or caregiver cannot control or change about a cancer diagnosis, but finding a healthy mental and emotional state of mind will bring about the ability to find strength for the battle.

If you are not already connected to a source for support, there are many organizations that offer help and counseling. Suggestions can be found on our RESOURCES page. We also invite you to join the Mucosal Melanoma Warriors Facebook page to connect with other MM patients and caregivers. This private group allows you to meet others who share your diagnosis and understand the journey.


Yoga With Adriene Free daily yoga, beginner to advanced
Insight Timer Free App for guided meditation – Breathwork, Cancer Care, Relaxation, Sleep


Appointment Buddy  Phone App for recording doctor appointments


NORD National Organization for Rare Diseases

 Melanoma Organizations

Melanoma Research Alliance
Melanoma Research Foundation
Aim At Melanoma
RARE Registry for Patients 
Melanoma Institute Australia


Preparing For Your First Medical Oncology Clinic Visit

National Volunteer Caregiving Network (NVCN)
Family Reach
Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN Foundation)
Cancer Support Community
Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc (HHN)
Mercy Medical Angels
Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA)/National Center on Caregiving
Imerman Angels Cancer Support Community