About us


  • To help patients and caregivers gain a more complete understanding of mucosal melanoma.
  • Share information about new and successful treatments for MM
  • Deliver a message of hope through inspirational stories of real warriors
  • Encourage collaboration between patients/caregivers, researchers and doctors
  • Funding


  • Mucosal Melanoma Warriors Foundation came together through a small social media group to find support, encouragement and information about the disease. As the group began to grow, we became aware of the need for a larger identity that would be up to date and provide a wider range of resources. For a long time, there has been a desire to help newly diagnosed MM patients and their caregivers find encouraging information to help navigate the first steps in finding the best healthcare and a place to begin their journey with a positive outlook. 

  • Because MM is so rare and lacking up to date research data, newly diagnosed MM patients and their caregivers are often discouraged by the lack of published data on successful treatments. In recent years, however, the introduction of new treatments through immunotherapies and clinical trials has brought a new HOPE for beating and surviving MM.

  • Our goal for this project was to establish a Foundation that would help clinical research expand in the study of MM, and provide a toolbox for stories, research and links to additional support. Collectively, we want to provide HOPE to every person who finds us.


  • The Mucosal Melanoma Warriors Foundation was established in memory of Nicola MontesDeOca who passed away in September 2022. Nicola courageously fought her battle with grace, dignity and humor. She cared deeply about everyone who shared the mucosal melanoma diagnosis and was instrumental in establishing a weekly Zoom meeting where Warriors and caregivers from around the world found a safe place to share their concerns and gain much needed hope and information.
  • One of Nicola’s wishes was that somehow the awareness of mucosal melanoma could be increased and acknowledged by the medical research community for further study and development of more effective treatments. Her family and friends wanted to continue the love and support she provided others in a way that would help patients with resources for their journey and to raise funds to promote medical research to advance mucosal melanoma treatment. The Mucosal Melanoma Warriors Foundation is committed to fulfilling Nicola’s dream.
  • The Foundation is non-profit and financially transparent. Everything the Foundation does is focused on education, research, and support—based on our promise that “NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!”