Local News

Dear MM Warrior Foundation Members,

I am excited to share with you my recent participation at the annual American Association for Cancer Research convention in Orlando, Florida this week. I learned about this event a couple of months ago and after some research, felt that it would be of benefit for exposure of the foundation and our Mucosal melanoma community. I contacted the registration committee and learned that there was an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to participate as an advocate. I received full access and a complimentary exhibit space at the convention.

Although most of the several thousands of attendees were oncologists, researchers and pharmaceutical developers, there was an impressive amount of interest in our cause. This was an international event and I
had an opportunity to meet some very impressive people who were interested in knowing more about our rare orphan cancer.

I shared that the Foundation wants to be able to help fund more research for treatments and cures for Mucosal Melanoma and I gave them my contact information should they decide to include us in their future research.

It was truly an honor to represent the Foundation and broaden the awareness we need to find better treatments for survival. Going forward, I will continue to find opportunities to participate in events that are appropriate for introducing the Mucosal Melanoma Warriors Foundation to others.

Toni English
Operations Director